1. hold mental health talks, workshops for students of primary and secondary schools to build a solid foundation for preventive care
2. provide training to teachers on early identification of students at risk of depression; and offer referral cases to the Mental Health Resources Centre of Regeneration Society for further assessment
3. establish a “Pain Relief Centre” to advocate and promote healthy lifestyles; to help and relieve pain for sufferers at an early stage to facilitate recovery from pain
4. provide free medical assessment including blood pressure, blood sugar level, and bone density allowing people to be alert of their health status, promoting preventive care and healthy lifestyles
5. design simple and practical physical activities especially for people working in offices and the elderly to nurture a persistently, physically active lifestyle
6. collaborate with universities to carry out medical research and publish study findings; to allow a better understanding of the importance of preventive medicine among the general public
7. provide training courses in medicine for low-income people, offering them job opportunities to work in hospitals or centres so that they help themselves through helping others