Approximately 10% of the Hong Kong population has been suffering from chronic pain which lasts for more than three months. Though it is far less serious than that of the western world (US 25%, Australia 20%), this issue requires more attention in our society. Persistent pain could lead to low mood and absenteeism from work due to clinical consultations. The cost of pain management is substantial, and it exerts a huge impact on our activities of daily living.

Prevention is better than cure. Pain is a signal of diseases. We have to change our lifestyle habits to maintain physical and mental well-being. Our health will deteriorate and serious ailments will result if the signal is ignored. In other words, if we pay attention to the signal by fostering desirable lifestyle habits, including working hours, sleep, physical activity, dietary habits and mental wellness, health will be with us.

In the survey conducted by the Regeneration Society in 2012 which interviewed 1,200 students in six primary and secondary schools, it was reported that 57% of the interviewees had various degrees of depression and 23% of them had mild to severe tendency to suffer from depressive disorder.

As a result, we must face the problem and take measures to prevent students from getting depressive illness.